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  • Can I cancel my Fat Girl Fitness Program?
    Fat Girl Fitness Programs are 4 months in length. If you would like an early cancelation, please submit your request and reasons for cancelation for our team to review. If submitted over 14 days of your upcoming monthly fee, you will not be charged. If submitted within 14 days of your upcoming monthly fee, you will still be charged and have access to your plan for the remaining month.
  • Can I order over the phone?
    Currently you can not order over the phone. Please feel free to contact us by phone if you have any questions or concerns about our products, services, or your order.
  • Can I order custom designs?
    You can order custom designs and prints. Just reach out to us with all the details of your request, via email or using our contact form on the home page. We will respond with an estimate and timeframe for delivery.
  • Can I return my journal if I'm not satisfied?
    You can return a journal if it is unused and in the original condition received.
  • What if my question isn't here?
    Reach out to me via email at: OR Fill out the contact form on our home page with your inquiry.
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