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your new best growth-friend for personal development 

Do you feel like something is missing from your life?
Maybe like you've lost connection to yourself - the real self deep inside?
Or possibly like you're losing control to your impulses and conditioned trauma responses?

Journaling is a (DAMN near) magic tool for mental/emotional health and over-all wellbeing.

Writing down your thoughts and intentions helps you connect deeper with your higher self. When journaling, you can be completely candid about your emotions to get to the heart of patterns (wanted and unwanted) that cycle in your life.

At Conscious Clothing, we highly recommend that anyone wanting to better themselves from the inside out, utilize a growth journal - watch your dreams come to life as you work through the prompted pages.

Daily Sustenance Diary
Daily Appreciation

Daily Appreciation:
manifest more of your desires by journaling thoughts of appreciation

Showing appreciation for your blessings is an easy way to tune your point of attraction towards your highest self. Many of us block new blessings from coming into our lives by being hyper-focused on what we don't have rather than what we do! When you take time to show daily appreciation, you create space for your newest desires to manifest around you. This journal is the perfect item for people eager to manifest more, feel more positivity, and exude higher vibrations in life.

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Daily Sustenance Diary:
nourish your body and fuel your soul

You have to know where you are, to know how to get where you want to be. This journal is designed for people wanting to keep closer track of their dietary habits. Giving attention to your eating habits is a useful tool when creating a more balanced life through nutrition. This is also a great pair for any health and wellness program. Take notice to patterns in your dietary habits to stop self sabotage before it even begins.


Shadow Work:
overcome past trauma and limiting beliefs by embracing your darkest shadows

When you do the work to rewrite the shadows in your mind, you open yourself to more joy, confidence, and love in every aspect of life. This journal is the perfect item for people experiencing  emotional distress that hinders their ideal way of life. Shadow work is a crucial personal development practice that helps to ease the pain of past traumas, unhealed hurts, and psychological disorders.

Shadow Work
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